Our Iron Will: Empowering appropriate iron chelation

An appropriate iron chelation therapy decreases the risk of life-threatening complications1

Understand the dangers of transfusional iron overload. Iron overload can lead to heart failure, liver cirrhosis and other complications. This could happen even if you've been taking an iron chelator. 2

Talk to your doctor.When it comes to iron chelation, one size does not fit all. Your doctor will assess and adjust treatment according to your needs and help prevent damage caused by iron overload.1,2

Follow your doctor’s prescription who will recommend the appropriate chelation therapy and the right dose for you.It’s important to keep under control the iron levels during your therapy, that’s why you need to keep up with your medical tests and see your doctor regularly. 1,2

Patients & Caregivers: in case of need to report an adverse drug reaction, please refer to your physician, asking him to fill in and submit the relevant case report to the concerned Health Authority, according to the Pharmacovigilance requirements in force in your Country. Nevertheless, please be kindly reminded that each patient can report any such cases directly to the national reporting system.