Our Iron Will: Appropriate iron chelation

It’s important to talk with your doctor about the available iron chelation options

There are several iron chelator options available. Appropriate iron chelation is individually tailored based on iron level and to respect the lifestyle and minimise side effects1

The effectiveness of chelation can be affected by:

Not taking the right iron chelator dose for you

Not taking your iron chelation therapy as prescribed

Side effects

Your doctor may need to adjust the iron chelator dose to maximise iron removal and minimise side effects to ensure the full benefit of chelation treatment.1,2

Taking your medication as prescribed is the most important thing YOU can do to receive the benefit of chelation treatment

Patients & Caregivers: in case of need to report an adverse drug reaction, please refer to your physician, asking him to fill in and submit the relevant case report to the concerned Health Authority, according to the Pharmacovigilance requirements in force in your Country. Nevertheless, please be kindly reminded that each patient can report any such cases directly to the national reporting system.